West Virginia Wesleyan is happy to work with students who are transferring from other accredited two-year and four-year institutions. Students seeking to transfer from another accredited college or university may be admitted to advanced standing upon presentation of the following items to the Office of Admission:

  • An application for admission. 
  • An official transcript from each institution attended showing all credits attempted at all post-secondary institutions attended.

If collegiate cumulative grade point average is less than 2.5, students should send SAT or ACT scores, in addition to high school transcripts showing all courses pursued, grades earned, and successful graduation.

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The Office of Admissions looks forward to receiving your transfer application and assisting you throughout the enrollment process.

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  • Academic Scholarships 2023-2024

    Presidential Scholarship $18,000
    Requirements: 3.25 GPA from transferring four-year college or accredited community college

    Dean’s Scholarship $16,000
    Requirements: 3.0 GPA from transferring four-year college or accredited community college

    Merit Scholarship $13,000
    Requirements: 2.5 GPA from transferring four-year college or accredited community college

    Transfer Students are eligible for talent awards (athletics, creative arts, ESPORTS, service) and all need-based grants and scholarships.   To learn more, click here:  Merit and Talent Scholarships

  • Articulation Agreements

    West Virginia Wesleyan College welcomes transfer students from all two-year and four-year colleges but has specific partnerships with the following colleges to ensure a seamless transfer of courses at Wesleyan:

    West Virginia

    • Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
    • Community and Technical College at WVU Tech
    • Eastern WV Community and Technical College
    • Marshall Community and Technical College
    • New River Community and Technical College
    • Pierpont Community and Technical College
    • Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
    • West Virginia Northern Community College
    • West Virginia State Community and Technical College
    • West Virginia University at Parkersburg


    • Montgomery College
  • Transfer Clearance Form

    Students enrolled to transfer to West Virginia Wesleyan must have the Dean of Students at their last attended college or university complete the Transfer Clearance Form before they can register for classes. Students can access the form to send to their Dean of Students by clicking here.

  • Transfer Credit

    Transfer Credit Information Guide

    West Virginia Wesleyan College accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities in the United States, as well as from officially recognized colleges and universities from other countries. Credit earned in the arts, letters, and sciences, and selected professional disciplines are eligible for transfer to Wesleyan. Credit may be accepted by special arrangement from a non-accredited institution; however, credit will not be posted to the students permanent record until the student has completed an academic year of work at Wesleyan with an average grade of “C” (2.0).

    The Admission and Academic Standing Council may require examinations to demonstrate proficiency in work taken at non-accredited institutions. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the evaluation and acceptance of transfer credit. Wesleyan students may complete work toward a Wesleyan degree at another institution. However, they must receive approval for specific courses prior to enrolling in them to guarantee that they will be accepted by the College and will satisfy intended degree requirements. 

    Wesleyan accepts transfer credit courses compatible with its academic program. Grades and hours earned will count toward graduation. The College accepts no more than 60 semester hours of credit from a junior or community college. Students coming from a four-year institution must:

    • Earn a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit, at least 30 of which must be earned in residence.
    • Complete the general education curriculum and an academic major as described in the Academic Catalog in effect at the time the student enters the College.
    • Achieve a “C” average (2.0 grade point average) in all college work attempted at Wesleyan, and in each major and minor field of study.

    Students who transfer to Wesleyan with an associate degree from a regionally accredited community or junior college may be admitted with the degree credited as fulfilling Wesleyan’s general education requirements when the total educational background, including high school records, shows compatibility with Wesleyan’s general education requirements. Deficiencies in general education requirements, as determined by the Admission and Academic Standing Council, must be satisfied after enrollment at Wesleyan.